This Invasion Day

The further I get towards “unbecoming” everything I’ve been taught to become, the more my thoughts turn to what is really important.

Each year, this day for us Australians is a reminder of just how much our collective psyche is built on someone else’s suffering.

It’s not up to me to make a grand statement about what date we should change it to or whether a national day of celebrating being “Australian” is something that we should do at all.

What I do know is this:

Pride should be a positive force not a divisive one and certainly not rooted in the genocide and suffering of amazingly resilient and generous peoples.

It’s misguided to fight off Islamaphobia by crowdfunding advertising that reinforces this day as a day of celebration at all.

Claiming nationalistic pride is somehow a celebration of diversity is some seriously deluded Orwellian “alternative truth”. Especially when we have representatives elected  on the sole platform of stirring up hate for the “other”. 

Instead of hanging our political overtures on this day we should sit down, shut up and listen. 


Always was. Always will be. 



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