States of Existential Crisis.

What is going on up there? 

The new year has begun and like many other people I’m attempting some sort of rebirth.

This time last year I sparked joy as I KonMari’d my way through my wardrobe, books, general stuff, kitchenware, old habits and sense of fascination with folding things just right. Admittedly I found this process incredibly freeing, to the point where I was evangelising the virtues of the folded sock to ANYONE who would listen.

My mother (who is a serial offender for overdoing it in the kitchenware department) was non-plussed when I sent her the book to inspire her to let go of a few things. The book was sent back, I suspect unread, shortly after I sent it to her. Letting go is easy it seems.

But getting back to now. 

I’ve been diving deep into podcasts of late and have been taken by The Minimalists, two ex-corporate guys who have eschewed the trappings of “success” for a simpler path. There is something inspiring in the idea that less can lead to more… more time, more space, more of what makes life lovely and especially more time with the people who you love.

So… I’ve been taking some time to minimize.  Letting go of things, reorganising our space, reading and trying out some of the mindsets that can help in the process.

Starting to write again has been part of the process of processing change.

After many years of writing for some external purpose (work/ academic/ persuasion), I’ve decided to try writing for myself, and hopefully to add something to a bigger discussion of what matters and why.

Maybe like me, you’ve been shouting your thoughts into the algorithmic void of social media and getting nowhere. Maybe you’re a friend who I haven’t spoken to for a while and you’re curious about where I’ve gone. Maybe you’re just out there feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff too.

Whatever you’re doing here – we’re in it together.

Image: Gingerbreads in various forms of existential crisis